Rina Wacker


Presentasjon av coach:
Leadership comes from within, true leadership is driven by passion, by taking your
role and by understanding the systemic context you are working and living in.
I am a manager and a co-active coach. I have experienced a long carrier as mechanical engineer and have years of experience being in leadership roles.
I am Danish and I live in Norway (for 23 years). My work brings me to many places in the world and supports me in my understanding of cultural differences and I love the diversity.
I am passionate about leadership; you as person and you leading others. My coaching is about you taking up your role, with energy and awareness of what drives you. In my coaching we focus on you as whole person and you leading in your life with an open mind, open heart and open will.

My coaching background:
ACC, CPCC certified Co-active Coach.

Østlandet - Kongsberg, 3614


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