Dreamwork for Coaches: An ancient experience in a new context

26.11.2019 19:00 - 20:30

Sted: Zoom

ICF helps professional coaching, coaching skills and coaching mindset to become an integral part of society. Coaching illustrates the importance to and impact on every human being in being listened to and valued. There is tremendous transformative potential in that simple act. For the past one hundred years Western culture has confined working with dreams to the clinical world. As coaches, we see the whole person and dreaming is a very ordinary experience, and a very powerful one. By working with dreams from the perspective that they are one of a number of experiences that the client has we can help them understand the messages in this internal conversation that they are having with themselves.

Dreamwork for Coaches: An ancient experience in a new context

Will Sharon

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Will Sharon - helps clients to step into the next lager version og themselves through the message in their dreams. 


Learning Outcome:

1. How to listen to a dream; it is slightly different from listening to a client’s waking experience

2. How to understand the clinical language of dreams (subconscious and unconscious) and how they are not appropriate in the coaching experience.

3. How to see a client’s dream as part of the process of helping them step into the next larger version of themselves.

How the Event is linked to ICFs Core Comptenecies:

1. The Dreamwork teleclass is designed to provide coaches with the confidence to explore a new aspect of the coach/client relationship utilizing core competencies that they already possess.

2. The Dreamwork teleclass addresses three Core Competencies in two different categories.  Working with dreams strengthens the (B) Co-creating of the Relationship by (3) Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client in working with an additional aspect of their experience; dreams.  It also expands (C) Communicating Effectively by utilizing (5) Active Listening and (6) Powerful Questioning to help the client understand the messages in their dreams.

3. By adding the dimension of working with dreams to their coach’s palette the attendees to the teleclass can add a new dimension to their relationships with their clients and further hone the competencies listed above


All 2019/2020 active ICF members – according to the Global ICF members list – will earn CCEU as followed: CC 1 and RD 0,5.


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